Printing or saving results

  •    SEND RESULTS TO    This submenu has three items.

  •    PRINTER     This tells LabAnalyst to route the data in the Results Window to the temporary printer file 'printfile' whenever the 'P' or 'p' key is struck.  Printing occurs when you close this file with PRINT \ CLOSE FILE.  After printing the 'printfile' remains available (but it is overwritten if any additional printing is performed).

  •    SPREADSHEET...      Opens a spreadsheet-format text file for storing results generated by analysis menu operations.  Data are saved in a tab-delineated format readable by many spreadsheet programs or statistical packages.  Optionally, you can save results to an Excel-format file (double-clickable directly into Excel).  Besides the results data, the spreadsheet file also contains column labels.  Mean, SD, N, and variable name are always saved; other parameters (start of block, end of block, start and end time, elapsed time, analysis type, mass, and channel number and file name) are user-selectable.  You can also enter one or two user-typed 'notes' with each case (edit fields appear in a window over the COMMENTS window when the 'p' key is struck; hit 'return' or click the window close button when the values are correct).  Certain analyses, such as regressions, do not fit this format and cannot be put into spreadsheets.

    The default is one set of analysis results per line in the spreadsheet, but if you've selected Excel format you can use the 'Multiple results per line' option to save the results from two to 15 different analyses per line.  You need to specify how many results you want to save initially (you can't change this when the file is in use).  Therefore, you need to keep track of the order of analyses so as to avoid confusion later on.   If you use notes or store animal mass, these items are saved only once per spreadsheet line (not every time you save an analysis result).

    Here is a general format for one line from a file with 2 results per line, with both user notes selected and mass saved:

    Note1 · Note2 · M1 · SD1 · N1 · var1 · anal1 · mass · M2 · SD2 · N2 · var2 · anal2 <CR>

    where · is a tab character, <CR> is a carriage return character, M1 = mean of the first result, SD1 = SD of first result, N1 = sample size of first result, var1 = variable for first result, anal1 = analysis for first result, mass = body mass, M2 = mean of the second result, etc.

    Storage of results (in memory) occurs when you press the 'p' key (with the Results window open), or select OUTPUT RESULTS.  The spreadsheet file is not saved to disk until you exit from LabAnalyst or use the PRINT | CLOSE FILE option.

    Some additional considerations:

  •   TEXT FILE...     Opens a text file for storing the contents of the Results Window.  The format of the disk file is similar to that shown in the Results Window and is identical to the format of data sent to the printer.

  • Analysis results are transferred to temporary storage in a memory table when you press the 'P' or 'p' key, or select OUTPUT RESULTS.

    Real storage (writing data to disk) occurs when you select the PRINT | CLOSE FILE   ( J ) option. However, any temporary memory tables are automatically saved to disk if you quit the program.

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