Integrate channel; derivation

  •   INTEGRATE...    I         Sequentially adds all points from the first to the last to get a cumulative curve (this is not 'true' mathematical integration).  The window looks like the example shown here (note that the program places an integral sign in front of the original file label):

  •   DERIVATIVE...    D          Goes from the last point to the first point (right to left), computing and storing the change between successive points (this is not 'true' mathematical derivation).  The derivation window is nearly identical to the one shown at right for integration (and the program places a derivation symbol in front of the original file label).

     NOTE:  Because numbers are stored in floating point format with 8-10 digit precision, integration may result in loss of least-significant digits, particularly if the numbers are large (i.e., if their cumulative sum contains more than 8-10 decimal digits).  Thus integration followed by derivation of the same data will not necessarily produce a result identical to the original data.  Normally this poses no problems to users.

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