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</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;This window allows the user to set various options, including:</P> <UL> <LI>Sound volume and use of unusual noises&nbsp; <LI>Use of the button click noise &nbsp; <LI>Whether or not the program beeps to indicate block marking&nbsp; <LI>Defaults for using the &quot;large plot area&quot; option&nbsp; <LI>Defaults for spike removal (whether the interactive spike removal routine begins in &quot;spike removal mode&quot; or in the most recently used setting)&nbsp; <LI>Defaults for gas exchange calculations (whether to store results in a new channel, get flow rates from a channel, show the conversion equation (FP only) and whether to run the lag correction, smoothing, and baseline correction operations before beginning the gas exchange window series)&nbsp; <LI>Defaults for the smoothing operation (whether to open the smoothing window set for the last smoothing values used, or the default of 3 cases and one cycle)&nbsp; <LI>Whether the last analysis operation is automatically repeated (&quot;Autorepeat&quot;) after a smoothing or a de-spiking operation&nbsp; <LI>Whether or not the program gives a warning to indicate a file has been changed before any operation (<B>Quit; Open</B>) that will delete the file from memory </UL> <BLOCKQUOTE> See <A HREF="prefsAppearance.html">this page</A> for more information about setting preferences. </BLOCKQUOTE> <UL><li> <IMG SRC="LAXimages/LA%20X%20preferences.gif" ALIGN="RIGHT"> <B>'Save current preferences' </B>stores the current settings (for colors and functions set in the <B>PREFERENCES</B> window; also saves the current values of FiO<FONT SIZE=-1><sub>2</sub></FONT>, FiCO<FONT SIZE=-1><sub>2</sub></FONT>, and RQ, and the current display mode) in the file 'LAprefs'.&nbsp; When launched, <B>LabAnalyst</B> looks for this file and, if it exists in the folder that contains LabAnalyst, reads the user's preferred settings from it. &nbsp;This is the preferences file icon (it may look different on some systems):</ul> <A NAME="anchor1377518"></A></P> <P><LI> &nbsp;&nbsp;<B>QUIT </B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<IMG SRC="LAXimages/apple.gif" ALIGN="BOTTOM"><B>Q </B>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Exit the program.&nbsp; If you have turned on the 'file changed warning' (see above), you should get a warning message if you have made changes to the file that have not been saved.</P> </table> <FONT FACE = "Lucida Grande"> <HR ALIGN=LEFT> <table width = "685" Border = "0"> <tr><td> Other links: <td> <FONT FACE = "Lucida Grande"> <ul id="nav" class="drop"> <li><a href="LAHP.html">Overview</a></li> <li><a href="LAIcons.html">Icons</a></li> <li><a href="LAHalerts.html">Alerts</a></li> <li><a href="LAcredits.html">Credits</a></li> <li><a href="http://warthog.ucr.edu/">Warthog Systems</a></li> <li><a href="mailto:chappell@ucr.edu?subject=Warthog%20LabAnalyst%20question">email</a></li> </ul> </table> </BODY> </HTML>