Multi-channel display

  •   MULTIPLE CHANNELS...          Allows you to plot any combination of the channels in the file.  There are two 'modes' of channel display: Full Screen and Plot Area.

    In either case, a channel selection window allows you to pick any combination of the available channels.  If you click the 'non-standard plot height' button, a window will open to allow customization of the height of each channel:

    The window for customized plotting contains a diagram of the printed page.  You select the relative height of each channel in sequence by moving the cursor on the diagram to the desired height, and then clicking the mouse ONCE.  The channels will be redrawn one by one as their heights are selected.  Note that there is a fixed amount of room on the screen, so that enlarging one channel requires shrinking one or more of the others.  Consequently, the computer reserves an amount of space necessary for drawing the remaining channels at the minimum possible height (and will not let you exceed that limit).  You must select plot heights for all the channels.  When done, you can accept the results, re-do the plot height selection, or revert to the normal setting (all channels drawn with equal heights).

    When done, click the 'Plot heights OK' button, and the selected channels will be drawn.

    Example of a multi-channel display with 4 channels out of 6 shown.  These channels are plotted in normal scaling mode.

  •    SINGLE CHANNEL     Shifts back to single channel display.  Note that some operations (like exiting from a full-screen multi-channel display) automatically switch to single channel display.   Overlay works in this viewing mode.
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