Automatic block width

  •   The BLOCK WIDTH function allows automatic selection of blocks of user-defined duration with a single mouse click, instead of the normal method of clicking on both the start and end of the desired block (or clicking and dragging).  In this mode, the cursor is contained within a box that 'frames' the block duration in the plot area.  Position the cursor over the desired block and click once to select it.

    The default automatic block size is equivalent to 13 samples or 12 sample intervals (e.g., 60 seconds with a 5-second sample interval).  Any other block size can be selected, as long as it contains more than 2 samples and less than 1/4 of the file duration.   In this example, a 5-minute block duration (300 seconds) has been selected.

    Return to the standard two-click selection method with the 'Normal block selection' button.

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