Metabolic allometry

Metabolic rate (MR) scales to a fractional power of body mass in almost all taxa:

   MR = mass coefficient * mass ^mass exponent

Usually the mass exponent is approximately 0.67-0.8 (there is considerable disagreement over the cause of this particular range of exponents). To estimate the 'minimal' metabolic rate (BMR, RMR, or SMR), select the taxon  and the output units from this set of menus and adjust the body mass and temperature compensation data to appropriate values.  Use the 'Compute' button after adjusting variables, and the 'Store' button to hold results for comparison to other data.

The 'Save' button, if present, lets you save the current mass coefficient and mass exponent values for future use, accessed as 'Custom coefficent and exponent' option in the Taxon popup.   The 'Save' button is accessible only if the units are set to ml O2/min.   NOTE:   you will have to click the 'Save Current Preferences' button in the Preferences window if you want to have your custom values available the next time you run the program.

• The Hemmingsen equations for standard metabolic rates (SMR) of unicellular organisms and for poikilothermic and homeothermic metazoans are generalized for an extremely diverse array of organisms. If possible, use a more specific equation (available in the submenus).

   Hemmingsen AM (1960) Rep Steno M. Hosp (Copenhagen) 9:1-10