Running average, pairs difference

  •   RUNNING AVERAGE...      5  Lets you click on a series of SINGLE points while LabAnalyst keeps track of the cumulative mean, standard deviation (SD), coefficient of variation (CV), and standard error (SE).  The program also shows the summed total of all selected points, and the range (minimum and maximum values).

    To select points for analysis, move the cursor to the point of interest in the plot area and click once.  Then move to the next point and repeat.

  •    PAIRS DIFFERENCE...    6  Calculates the cumulative mean, SD, and SE of a series of PAIRS of points.  You select point pairs with mouse clicks (an example might be the peaks and valleys of a ventilation trace).  LabAnalyst measures the absolute difference between the points in the pair.  It also calculates the cumulative mean, SD, and SE of the time intervals between points.  As for RUNNING AVERAGE, the delete key gets rid of the last pair of points selected.

    NOTE: this operation DOES NOT highlight the results window title when active, as can be seen in the example above. 

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