Map coordinates

This window lets you select coordinates (latitude and longitude) for sunrise and sunset estimates by clicking on a world map, or on enlarged regional maps as selected using the 'Zoom in 5X' button at top right (click 'Zoom out' to return to the world map).   Location data are accurate only to 0.33 degree of longitude and 0.25 degree of latitude on the world map and 0.067 degrees of longitude and latitude on the regional maps, but that should be accurate enough for most sunrise-sunset calculations.
          For geographic reference, the maps show the equator (yellow), the Prime or Greenwich Meridian (zero degrees of longitude; also yellow), the Arctic and Antarctic Circles (~ 66.5 N and S; blue), and the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn (~ 23.3 degrees N and S).   Only a few of these will be visible on the enlarged regional maps.

To select coordinates, move the cursor to the desired location and click the mouse (you can also hit either the spacebar or the return key).   The 'Longitude' and 'Latitude' boxes will update continuously as the cursor moves within the map area.   When you click the mouse or hit the spacebar or return key, the selected coordinates are shown in the 'Selected position' box; to change these, move the cursor to another point and select again.

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