ADAM module addresses

LabHelper can communicate with up to two Advantech ADAM modules in addition to the 'primary' module, which must be an ADAM-4019 at address = 1 (the factory default setting).

  • If you need digital outputs, add an ADAM-4050.
  • If you need more than 8 analog-to-digital inputs, add an ADAM-4017 or another ADAM-4019.

    ADAM units are connected in series over a single 2-wire RS-485 network, so each module must have a unique address.   They typically come from the factory with the address set to 1.   The Module Address Setting window lets you change an additional module's address to match LabHelper's expectations.   You should only have to do this once for each module.

  •   IMPORTANT:      To avoid confusion, ONLY the module you wish to re-address should be connected to the computer!   Disconnect any other ADAM modules, either by removing power from them, or by removing their RS-485 connections.

  • After you send an address change command, a small window opens to show progress.   If the change was successfully received by the ADAM module, a 7-second timer appears (this allows the module to complete the resetting process).

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