ADAM channel selection
This window sets the links between the 'logical' channel and a physical connector on one or more Advantech ADAM modules.  The first ADAM must be a 4109.  You can select any of the A to D channels that are available, in any order; you may also assign a single hardware input to several logical channels.   The ADAM input window looks more-or-less like this:

In this example , two voltage inputs (4 and 5, both set to ± 10 volts) and two temperature inputs (1 and 8, set to Type T and Type K thermocouples, respectively) are selected.   Several other inputs are available.

Special considerations:

  • Electrical connections should be mechanically solid and signals should be noise-free.   Be sure to match the input type (volts or thermocouple) to the instrument type -- note that thermocouples can be directly connected to an ADAM-4019 without additional amplification or cold junction compensation.   However, you should make sure to calibrate the 4019 temperature readings against another thermometer known to be accurate!

  • The number of hardware inputs can be increased to 16 by adding another ADAM A-D module; this can be either another 4019 or the simpler, cheaper 4017, which reads voltages only.  If you add a 4017, the thermocouple type specification buttons aren't available and neither is the ± 2.5V option -- these are specific to the 4019.   With a 4017 in addition to the 'primary' 4019, the input selection window looks like this:
  • Note that inputs for the second module are indicated with an asterisk (*).

    Some things to keep in mind when connecting instruments to ADAM modules:

  • The connectors on ADAM modules are numbered from 0-7, not 1-8.   Therefore, LabHelper input 2 corresponds to ADAM connector 1, etc.

  • If you use a second ADAM module, you need to subtract 9 from the LabHelper input number to get the correct ADAM connector.   So for a second ADAM unit, LabHelper input 12 corresponds to connector 3 on the second ADAM.

  • You will have to program the second ADAM A-D unit to address #3.   ADAM units are typically set to address #1 at the factory but users can use software commands to reset them to any address from 1-256.   I am working on a subroutine to let you do this conveniently within LabHelper.

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