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  •    ALTITUDE & PRESSURE...     Computes the relationship between pressure and altitude, based on standard meteorological data (Smithsonian Meteorological Tables).  This does not adjust for any effects of weather on local pressure.

    Note that due to rounding errors, the calculations are not 100% reversible (e.g. computing the pressure at a given altitude and then using that computed pressure to calculate altitude will not yield the identical initial altitude -- but it will be very close).

  •       ALTITUDE SIMULATION...     This calculator will compute the appropriate gas concentration to simulate one altitude at the barometric pressure of another altitude.  For example, you might want to use a custom mixture of oxygen and nitrogen in a lab at sea level to simulate the partial pressure of oxygen at high altitude (say, 4000 meters).  Oxygen is the most likely gas of interest but the calculator will also work with other gases.


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