LabHelper is a data acquisition program for Macintosh computers
   running the OS X operating system.  It handles 1-16 channels of data, each
   containing up to two million samples -- enough to sample once per second
   for three weeks.

Starting LabHelper:    At launch, LabHelper runs a speed test and asks what A-D device you want to use.   You can also use  the 'test mode' simulated A-D converter.   Click the links below to learn about the program's various menus and functions; another page has more detailed instructions about how to get started with the program, and a separate page has system requirements and other details.

Background:     LabHelper was written in FBtoC by Mark Chappell (a.k.a.  'Warthog Systems', with apologies to Gilbert Shelton) using facilities provided by the University of California, Riverside.  No warranty of any kind is offered or implied.  LabHelper is NOT a commercial product and may not be sold or copied for commercial purposes.  If you have questions you may contact me at