2-Channel X-Y plots
2 - CHANNEL X-Y PLOTS...     This option lets you view a real-time scatterplot display of interactions between any two channels as data are being acquired.   The interaction is shown as a bicoordinate plot of the corresponding values, with one data channel used for the X-axis and one channel for the Y-axis.  A small window appears at the upper right of the main plot area, with data shown as yellow dots (one per sample) on a red background.   The axes are scaled the same as they are for the corresponding channels in the main data display (you can change this scaling from the Show Setup window).

If you are trying to sample very rapidly, an X-Y plot will slightly slow the maximum sample rate, but for most sample protocols it will make little or no difference.

During a run, you can press the 'option-c' key combination to clear the X-Y plot screen of data.

NOTE: The X-Y plot window will not open if there is insufficient space between the right edge of the main data plot and the right edge of the screen.  At least 100 'spare' horizontal pixels are needed; more will be used (up to about 300) if available.  Use the ' Set Window Area' option in the VIEW menu to select a smaller plot area, if necessary (this will be difficult to accomplish on a small screen, and the X-Y plot option is not available on a low-resolution 640 X 480 pixel screen).

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