A-D converter baud rates
Different serial A-D devices usually have different communication speeds (baud rates), and these have to be matched by LabHelper in order for communication to function.   When you specify a particular A-D converter, LabHelper will select what it thinks is the correct baud rate.   However, with most devices you can adjust that rate if necessary.

The default baud rates are as follows:
Sable Systems UI3: 115.2 Kbaud (no adjustment possible)
Sable Systems UI2: 115.2 Kbaud
DataTaker DT800: 57.6 Kbaud
DataTaker DT500, DT600: 4800 baud
DataTaker DT50: 9600 baud
Advantech ADAM: 9600 baud
Remote Measurement Systems ADC-1: 9600 baud
Streaming serial devices: 9600 baud
Note that some A-D devices require setting baud rates with jumpers or DIP switches, but most modern ones respond to software commands.   LabHelper will attempt to set such devices to the highest feasible rate.
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