Channel check window

The channel check option lets you test the voltage conversion and display parameters for any channel.   This window shows a scrolling display of the current input values on the selected channel:

This will allow you to adjust any voltage offsets, gains, etc. before starting a data acquisition run. You can switch between fast and slow updating by pushing the 'update' buttons (slow updating is sometimes more readable), and you can adjust the number of averaged samples per update with the 'average' buttons.

In this example, sampling began at a low averaging number (1) and then the user raised the averaging number to 20 -- resulting in a much 'smoother' plot.

CAUTION:   With slow A-D converters, such as the ADAM units, some DataTakers (DT50, 500, or 600), or ADC-1s, response to button clicks may be delayed and the update rate may be very slow if you select a high averaging number.

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