Conversion options

This lets you apply secondary conversions to your data; most of these options are specialized for aerial respirometry.  You can compute VO2 VCO2, or VH2O, using several basic conversion algorithms (more comprehensive options for respirometry are available in the LabAnalyst analysis program).  Here is an example showing calcualtion of oxygen consumption, with flow rate obtained from another channel:

This example also shows use of the response correction (Z-transformation).  You have the option of showing conversions during acquisition but saving the raw data only, or of saving the converted data.

  •   pre-defined conversions designed for commonly-used instruments can be selected from the labeled buttons.  You can create your own customized buttons and conversion factors using the custom conversions option in the EDIT menu.

  •   When using a DataTaker, a button labeled "°C (Cu-Cn thermocouple)" is available (in the default mode).  Clicking this button instructs the DataTaker to return a compensated temperature (in degrees C), instead of voltage.  Note that if another kind of input device is used with this option, erroneous data will be returned.

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