Using non-standard characters

LabHelper can use a limited number of non-standard characters (i.e., characters that don't show on your keyboard but can be accessed with the 'option; key).  These include:

    °   (as in °C or °F) -- shift-option *
    •   (bullet) -- option 8
    π   (pi) -- option p
    µ   (micro) -- option m
    ±   (plus or minus) -- shift option +
    ≥   (greater than or equal to) -- option . (period)
    ≤   (less than or equal to) -- option , (comma)
    ∆   (delta) -- option j
Use other such non-standard characters at your own risk -- they are likely to disappear or be converted into other characters when the comments, or files that contain them, are saved.   These issues are due to the way non-standard characters are encoded.
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