User Preferences
This window lets you select your preferences for program appearance and functions.   Chose one of three tabbed categories:   Appearance, Sounds,   A-D Interface, Files, and   Acquiring Data.   In each, select the options appropriate for your preferences and system characteristics.

  • To avoid having to re-set your preferences at every launch, click the ‘Save Settings’ button to store your current settings (including screen colors) in a 'preferences' file. The default is ‘Labhelper prefs’.   When launched, Labhelper looks for this file and reads the preferred settings from it. However, you can save additional preferences files as necessary and load them with the 'Load Preferences' option in the File Menu.

  • Caution:  You’ll get unexpected results if you use an ‘Labhelper prefs’ file made with a Power-PC Mac on an Intel Mac, or vice versa.   This is because numeric data – such as in the preferences file -- are stored in two formats: ‘big-Endian’ and ‘little-Endian’.   Endian-ness is a property of the CPU. Power-PC processors are big-Endian; Intel processors are little-Endian.   If you record your preferences on a PPC Mac and then read them on an Intel Mac (or vice versa), you'll get unpredictable results, manifested most obviously as weird screen colors.

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