Status displays
STATUS DISPLAYS     At moderate sampling rates, LabHelper provides several status displays on the data acquisition screen.  These include the 'data bar' at the top of the screen (showing sample number, percent completion, time-to-go, etc.), a numeric readout in each channel, and alarm or device switching status (if selected by the user).

Unfortunately, it takes time to update these displays, which can sometimes slow data acquisition at very high sampling rates.  Switching off the status displays will speed up acquisition, particularly at the fastest sample rates.  Since both updating and sampling speeds are highly dependent on the speed of the particular CPU and screen, it is something of a trial and error process to find sampling rates that are compatible with status displays.

Use this window to adjust the 'cutoff' sampling rate above which status displays are switched off (you can also instruct LabHelper to leave them on or off at all speeds).

  •   SHOW SWITCH STATUS     Activates or deactivates a display of the external device control status during data acquisition.  This shows whether a particular channel's device is acquiring sample data, reference data, or is inactivated (zeroed).

  •    In addition to the graphical display, LabHelper shows digital readouts of channel values during data acquisition.  The LARGE READOUTS option toggles between the normal size digital readout displays (in 10-point type) and a much larger display (in 20-point boldface) that is more easily visible from a distance.  Note that if you have selected a very small plot height for a particular channel, a large-format digital readout may not fit.

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