Motion Analysis has three menus, plus on-line instructions in the "Help" menu.

Open movie

Save event as
Save preferences


   OPEN MOVIE...  +O        For loading movie files in QuickTime or AVI format.

After a movie is loaded, most of the screen shows the first frame in the movie (sometimes you need to click the slider once to make the first frame visible). At the bottom of the screen is a small window showing the position of the cursor in pixels and information about the digitizing process (frame number, elapsed time, the number of digitized frames, etc.):

  SAVE EVENT AS...  +S     Stores the current set of digitized results (NOT the movie itself) into a spreadsheet-format file. Click here to see the format of output files.

  PREFERENCES...   +E         

   SAVE PREFERENCES     Stores the current settings.

  QUIT   +Q     Exit the program.  If you have digitized some images, you should get a warning message asking if you wish to save the data.

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