LabAnalyst menu

  •   ABOUT LabAnalyst... This is a standard OS X application information window showing the version, date, etc.

  •    MORE ABOUT LabAnalyst... As above, but with more detail.

  •   PREFERENCES...      This window allows the user to set various options, including:

    • Sound volume and use of unusual noises 
    • Use of the button click noise  
    • Whether or not the program beeps to indicate block marking 
    • Defaults for using the "large plot area" option 
    • Defaults for spike removal (whether the interactive spike removal routine begins in "spike removal mode" or in the most recently used setting) 
    • Defaults for gas exchange calculations (whether to store results in a new channel, get flow rates from a channel, show the conversion equation (FP only) and whether to run the lag correction, smoothing, and baseline correction operations before beginning the gas exchange window series) 
    • Defaults for the smoothing operation (whether to open the smoothing window set for the last smoothing values used, or the default of 3 cases and one cycle) 
    • Whether the last analysis operation is automatically repeated ("Autorepeat") after a smoothing or a de-spiking operation 
    • Whether or not the program gives a warning to indicate a file has been changed before any operation (Quit; Open) that will delete the file from memory
    See this page for more information about setting preferences.
    • 'Save current preferences' stores the current settings (for colors and functions set in the PREFERENCES window; also saves the current values of FiO2, FiCO2, and RQ, and the current display mode) in the file 'LAprefs'.  When launched, LabAnalyst looks for this file and, if it exists in the folder that contains LabAnalyst, reads the user's preferred settings from it.  This is the preferences file icon (it may look different on some systems):

  •   QUIT   Q     Exit the program.  If you have turned on the 'file changed warning' (see above), you should get a warning message if you have made changes to the file that have not been saved.

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