Getting started with LabAnalyst
LabAnalyst can be placed in the standard Applications folder, or in any other folder outside of the system folders.  You can use the 'Preferences' option in the LabAnalyst menu to adjust default settings (such as screen colors, which can be changed with 'Plot Styles...' in the VIEW menu).   Your customized preferences can be saved with the 'Store Preferences' button in the 'Preferences' window and will be used automatically the next time the program is launched.

The initial sign-on screen lets you access most of the calculators in the SPECIAL menu, but to do anything more, you need to load a data file.  Warthog format files (with the warthog icons; see the file formats page) work best.  Warthog files contain a lot of information about acquisition conditions, dates and times, markers, any data manipulation previously performed, etc.  You can also load Sable-format files or spreadsheets in tab- or comma-delineated text format.

The help window is arranged around the program's seven main menus:

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