LabAnalyst menu

  •   ABOUT LabAnalyst... This is a standard macOS application information window showing the version, date, etc.

  •    MORE ABOUT LabAnalyst... As above, but with more detail.

  •   PREFERENCES...       ,  This window lets you select your preferences for program appearance and functions.   Chose one of four tabbed categories: Appearance,   Sounds,   File Handling,  and Operations.   For all categories, the following options apply:

  • To avoid having to re-set your preferences at every launch, click the Store Preferences button to store your current settings (including screen colors, current values of FiO2, FiCO2, and RQ, etc.).   When launched, LabAnalyst reads the preferred settings and uses them as defaults.

  • The Export button lets you save a copy of your preferences external to the LabAnalyst application package, where it normally resides.   This is useful if you want to save your preferences before updating LabAnalyst, which comes with a generic set of preferences.   Once you have installed the new LabAnalyst version, use the Import button to restore your old settings (be sure to click the Store Peferences button to save them into the application package).

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