'LabHelper' menu

  •   ABOUT LABHELPER...      Shows some 'credits' and compilation date, which is the equivalent of version number.

  •    PREFERENCES... Opens a window that lets you set various parameters, either in one window or in a series of tabbed windows (see examples below) to new default values that are set a program launch.  Most of these settings are also accessible through menus. 

    You need to use the Save settings button to store these settings in a 'preferences' file.  Note that some of them are overridden if you also use a 'setup' file.   If you save the preferences file under the default name 'Labhelper prefs', it will be used automatically at program launch (if it is in the same folder as the LabHelper app).   You can save other preferences files, with different file names, and load them from the FILE menu.

    LabHelper preference files have this icon:

  •    QUIT     exits the program.  If there are unsaved data, a warning is given, accompanied by an alarm 'buzz' sound:

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