LabHelper X    LABHELPER menu
has six active menus available when the program is not busy gathering data.  There is also a Help menu (and the LabHelper menu).

  •   ABOUT LABHELPER...      Shows the 'credits' and compilation date.

  •    PREFERENCES... Opens a window that lets you set various parameters (see example below) to new default values that are set a program launch.  Most of these settings are also accessible through menus. 

    You need to use the Save settings button to store these settings in a 'preferences' file for use at the next launch.  Note that some of them are overridden if you also use a 'setup' file.

    The LabHelper preference file has this icon:

  •    QUIT     exits the program.  If there are unsaved data, a warning is given, accompanied by an alarm 'buzz' sound:

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