Motion Analysis has three menus, plus on-line instructions in the "Help" menu.


Cut, Copy, Paste, Clear, Select

Reset to new event
Recompute net velocity

RSI warning

   UNDO   +Z     

   CUT TEXT   +X     CUT, COPY, PASTE, etc. have little effect in Motion Analysis.
   SELECT      +A   

   RESET TO NEW EVENT     +R      Activates a new event by purging the current data set from memory and resetting timers and counters to 'start' values. If you have stored data, you will be asked if you want to save it before resetting.

   RECOMPUTE NET VELOCITY     Recalculates net velocity data if you have adjusted the frame rate, etc..

   RSI WARNING      (submenu)   Lets you adjust the timer for displaying the RSI (repetitive strain injury) warning (from every 5 minutes to every 30 minutes), or turn it off completely.

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