Display scaling

This operation sets the upper and lower Y-axis limits for the screen display of a particular channel.  The default values are -1 to 1.  If you pick one of the pre-defined voltage conversions, the Y-axis scaling will be preset automatically.  Similarly, if you use the 'Direct calibration' function, the Y-axis scaling will be based on the range of values used during the calibration procedure.  If you wish to set a different scaling from the default or the pre-defined values, enter your choices in the two edit fields and click the 'Selection OK' button.

Note that the scaling you select applies only to the SCREEN display.  Even if values are offscale on the screen, they will still be recorded correctly in the data file -- provided they do not exceed the voltage limits of the A to D hardware.  Also, note that the gain function is fixed for oscilloscope channels (this is set from the SAMPLE RATE window).

  • As for other parameters, you can set or adjust the scaling limits in the DISPLAY SETUP window. 

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